Skin Care Myths: Acne Prone Skin

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Posted on January 22 2019

As someone who suffered with acne, I know it can be as embarrassing as it is painful. Acne doesn’t care about race or age, making absolutely anyone vulnerable to this pesky condition.

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to acne including a hormonal imbalance, a diet high in sugar and processed foods, using the wrong products, and even genetics.

One common myth amongst most acne sufferers however, is that because acne may make the skin very oily, the worst thing is to add more oil in the form of facial oils to combat the breakouts.

So what do acne sufferers tend to turn to instead?

Acne medications which are designed to dry out the offending breakout are the common over the counter choices for those who are in a battle with their breakouts. Unfortunately, these creams dry out the rest of the face too, leaving your skin looking dry and dull, and your pimples will almost always reappear, making your skin now both dry and greasy!

Let’s take a look at why skipping moisturizers and choosing these drying products may actually be worse for your acne and what you should opt for instead.

Why Skipping The Moisturizer Won’t Clear Up Your Skin

The unfortunate thing that most acne sufferers do is skip moisturizing their skin completely, believing that any extra hydration applied to the skin will simply cause further breakouts.

While this may seem like it makes sense, the unfortunate fact is that by skipping the lotion, you will only contribute to further breakouts.

When your skin realizes your skin is dry, it will produce sebum to make up for this lack of oil, but unfortunately it will often produce too much, which can cause clogged pores and pimples.

Why An Oil Is Different

If a moisturizer seems scary to an acne sufferer, a facial oil may seem terrifying.

Applying oil to an already oily complexion may seem counter-intuitive, but when the right oil is applied to the skin, the results are remarkable.

Facial oils, such as the Flower Oil we offer, are often jam-packed with potent antioxidants that will help to fight off free radicals and bacteria that contribute to your acne breakouts.

Facial oils are absorbed deep into the pores, where they help to unclog pores, plump and hydrate the skin and promote a beautiful glow.

Oils can be used as part of an oil cleanse to remove your makeup, or simply gently patted into your already cleansed face.

Balm and Co Flower Oil

We offer an excellent Flower Oil from Balm and Co that can be used on your face, body and even your hair.

Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s own sebum, making this an ideal oil to apply to the skin to keep your oil levels perfectly balanced. Other ingredients include sweet almond oil, blood orange, peony and bergamot. Bergamot is known to help reduce and treat acne, psoriasis and dark spots on the skin.

If you are simply fed up with your skin, then we urge you to give a facial oil a try, you will be surprised at the wonderful results.


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