3 Benefits Of An All Natural Face Mask

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Posted on March 03 2018

If you aren’t already using a face mask at least once a week, then this article might change your mind.

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing are 3 very important steps, but every now and then your skin craves a little bit…more. Think of a face mask like a vacation for your face. When we get stressed out, we all have our de-stressing practices, be it yoga, running or even just bingeing on your new favorite Netflix show, we aren’t judging! 


If we take the time to tend to ourselves, then don’t you think our skin deserves the same TLC? By adding an all natural face mask into your routine you will see visible improvements in your skin, and it’s these awesome changes that will have you slathering it on again, and again, and…well you get the point.

So keep reading to find out why we are encouraging you to look like Shrek once a week!


A Deeper Cleanse Means More Refined Pores and Clearer  Skin

With the constant dirt and grime our skin is exposed to, it’s no surprise that our pores can get a little clogged up from time to time.

Exfoliating is a great way to remove dead skin cells, but a face mask is even better. While your face mask is drying on your skin, it’s penetrating deep into your pores where it’s clearing out the junk to leave your pores looking smaller and more refined, and reducing your risk of breakouts. Now let’s try not to smile…

A Weekly Mask Can Leave Your Skin Looking Younger

Because face masks penetrate deep, they can deliver active ingredients at a more cellular level where they can work their anti-aging magic. They also provide more intense hydration which is key to a youthful complexion, as this aids in the formation of collagen. 

A weekly mask will help to soften fine lines and wrinkles and prevent any future ones too!

Masks Boost Blood Circulation Promoting A Healthy Glow

Don’t fake that glow with bronzer, use a mask once a week and enjoy glowing skin all week long, no bronzer required!

While your face mask is drying it’s doing all sorts of wonderful things to your face. Face masks cause an expansion of your blood vessels, which helps to bring blood flow closer to the surface of your skin, resulting in a lovely healthy glowy flush that no amount of blush can mimic. Your skin tone will also look more even and your skin will feel super soft too!


Try out one of our Face Masks here at Mindful Luxe. With all natural ingredients and rich in antioxidants you can’t go wrong!


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